Timeline of Islam

What else would you add? Subtract?


330: Capital of Roman Empire moved to Constantinople
c. 570-632: Muhammad ibn ‘Abdallah
638: Jerusalem falls to Caliph ‘Umar
732: Battle of Tours, Muslim expansion in Iberia halted
1095: First Crusade preached by Pope Urban II
1099-1291: Latin Kingdom of Jerusalem
1453: Constantinople falls to the Turks
1492: Reconquista of Spain completed
1571: Battle of Lepanto, Turkish naval defeat
1683: Battle of Vienna, Ottoman armies repelled
1703-1792: Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al Wahhab
1922: Ottomon Empire dissolved
1924: Caliphate abolished by Ataturk
1926: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia declares independence
1945: Baath party founded by Michel Aflaq, a Greek Orthodox Christian
1948: Israel declares independence
1957: Osama bin Laden born
1958-1968: United Arab Republic
1967: Israel victorious in the Six-Day War
1979: USSR withdraws from Afghanistan
1988: Al Qaeda founded
1996-2001: Taliban rules Afghanistan
2001: 9/11


Odysseus said…
711 - invasion of Spain

-something about the arrival of Osman in Anatolia in the 12th (?) century and the Ottoman expansion

1993 - WTC bombing

2001 - 9/11 attacks

Also, there must be some dates involved with the Eastward expansion of Islam (which was just as successful as it's Western expansion, possibly more so since there was no "reconquista" of which I am aware.)
Abu Daoud said…
sounds good, will check that out. I thought about including the Moghul Empire but there have really been so many caliphates that it would be cumbersome to include them all.
Unknown said…
I was wondering if I could possibly use your timeline, and add a few things, to a project that I am doing on Islam. I would cite you as a source, but I want to verify with you that that is ok.
salma said…
Assalamu Alaikum, (peace be with you) I am letting you know that 9/11 is not part of the islamic timeline, it is not from islam and acts like that never will be. 9/11 is an act of terorrism, something every people, state, and country may have. It saddens me that most of the time when someone says terrorist people automatically think islam and muslims. please research about the religion if you have any doubt of anything i am saying.

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