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Part IX: Victimhood and Muslim Identity

Part IX: Victimhood and Muslim Identity (originally posted in December 2006) by Abu Daoud “No one admits that his own yoghurt is sour.” --Syrian proverb I want to suggest in this post that victimhood has become an integral and essential element in Muslim identity today. There are a number of reasons for this, some of them are valid, but many of them are not. I want to explain why and how this has come to be the case today. If I may quote Sam Huntington, “The problem is not Islamists, it is Islam: a civilization convinced of its superiority and obsessed with its inferiority.” Islam is unlike Christianity in that it makes certain guarantees, namely that if a society is faithful in following Islam (and the sharia’) then certain consequences must follow: material wealth, political power, an ever-widening scope of authority over non-Muslims, scientific and economic advancement, justice and good governance, and so forth. It is very clear though to people throughout the Middle East and Nor

London's Favorite Terrorist: Abu Qatada's decade-long safe haven in the UK

Matthew Kalman, Jerusalem Correspondent: Abu Qatada's decade-long safe haven in the UK : London's favourite terrorist By Matthew Kalman Abu Omar (aka Abu Qutada) was born in Bethlehem in 1960. He was convicted in...

USA complicit in murder of Syrian clergy?

The so-called freedom-fighters and rebels in Syria which we are told ae fighting against the unjust oppresive yoke of Bashar al Assad are now being funded by the USA and, along with Saudi and Qatar, the USA is providing weapons for them. Meanwhile the allies of these 'brave, kind heroes' are slaughtering Christians by the score. No one will care though, because, while Obama will stand up for Muslims , he doesn't seem to care about Christians at all. The USA is complicit in the elimination of Syrian Christianity, just as it was in the elimination of Iraqi Christianity a few years ago. A sad country without a future.

The Universal Litany of the Liturgy of St James

The Universal Litany of the Liturgy of St James The Deacon makes the Universal Litany. XXII In peace let us  pray  to the  Lord . The People. O Lord, have mercy. The Deacon. Save us, have mercy upon us, pity and keep us, O  God , by Your  grace . For the peace that is from above, and the loving-kindness of  God , and the  salvation  of our  souls ; Let us beseech the Lord. For the peace of the whole world, and the unity of all the  holy  churches of  God ; Let us beseech the Lord. For those who bear fruit, and labour honourably in the  holy  churches of  God ; for those who remember the  poor , the  widows  and the  orphans , the strangers and needy ones; and for those who have requested us to mention them in our  prayers ; Let us beseech the Lord. For those who are in old age and infirmity, for the sick and suffering, and those who are troubled by unclean spirits, for their speedy cure from God and their  salvation ; Let us beseech the Lord.

Bernard Lewis on the demise of Western culture

‘‘It may be that Western culture will indeed go: the lack of conviction of many of those who should be its defenders and the passionate intensity of its accusers may well join to complete its destruction. But if it does go, the men and women of all the continents will thereby be impoverished and endangered.’’ From HERE , p xxiv.

Christians struggling in Egypt

I argued a long time ago that the Arab Spring could not succeed. As I have said before, and will say once more: The Arabs can either have human rights or Islam. The two just cannot go together. Here is an update of the sad state of Christians in Egypt: In November 2012, an Egyptian court decreed that eight Christians living in America—seven native Egyptians, and one American, Pastor Terry Jones—be sent to Egypt and executed in connection with the 16-minute YouTube Muhammad video. The prosecution offered no real evidence against the Christians, most of whom deny any involvement, and instead relied on inciting Muslims against the accused by replaying the video in the courtroom. Last September, 27-year-old Copt  Albert Saber  was accused of posting clips of the Muhammad movie—which he had actually downloaded from a Muslim site, not YouTube. Muslims attacked and evicted him and his mother from their home; he was arrested and is currently awaiting a multi-year sentence. In Marc