Against the divine Arrangement of the Quran

According to Ali Dashti, the author of famous book Twenty Three years, Zayd’s Quran “was badly edited and its contents are very obtusely arranged. All students of the Quran wonder why the editors did not use the natural and logical method of ordering by date of revelation, as in Ali b. Taleb’s lost copy of the text” (Dashti, Twenty Three Years, p.28)

Dashti goes on to say, “The text which was finally prepared under the supervision of a committee appointed by Uthman is regrettably not ordered in chronological sequence of the revelations. The texts in the possession of Ali b.Abi Taleb and Abdollah b. Masud were not consulted. The suras are placed illogically in order of decreasing length, when at least the Meccan suras might have been placed first and the Madinan suras last. There are also misplacements of Meccan verses inside Madinan suras and suras of Madinan verses inside Meccan suras.” (Dashit, Twenty Three Years, p. 173).



Unknown said…
Why didn't Allah just send another Angel to instruct them what to do? seems like he always has to wait 1000's of years before fixing his mistakes.

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