Picture of the Dead Sea

The Dead Sea (Bahar al Mayit) from the Jordanian side, looking towards Israel. Great picture, taken by Mishmish.


It looks so peaceful.
Hesperado said…
To the author, Abu Daoud:

I wish to ask you a favor: a friend of mine, a Greek Orthodox named John Burnett is currently on a long mission in Uganda helping a village maintain a Christian school.

My friend John is woefully ignorant of the unjust and dangerous nature of Islam and he goes so far as to label anyone who criticizes Islam as a "bigot" and a "hater" etc.

Recently, our friendship was strained to the breaking point because I used some harsh language with him, berating him for his irresponsible myopia about the problem of Islam.

I wonder if you could communicate with him and show him the grievous error of his assumptions in a more patient, calm and intelligent way than I am able to muster. I would be most grateful if you would ever find time to try this.

His website is


Thanks for your time and consideration,

Abu Daoud said…
Athanasius: It is peaceful on the surface, but remember that the Dead Sea really is dead. It is so salty that it cannot support life of any kind.

Erich: I will check out his blog and read it regularly. If you want me to contact him directly please send me his email address. Mine is winterlightning a+ safe-mail d0+ net.

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