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Missionary Secrets 5: How to fruitfully insult the Prophet

Missionary Secrets 5: How to fruitfully insult the Prophet by Abu Daoud It has become accepted in many missionary circles (among Muslims, at least, an that's me folks) that one should never, ever  insult the Prophet. If you do it, then as Mazhar Mallouhi, evangelical turned Jesusy-Muslim, said, it is like telling someone their mother is ugly (that is from St Francis Magazine ). Actually, normally he is right. Normally you touch Muhammad and that is the end of the conversation. So I appreciate his insight. Here is a missionary secret which took me like eight years to learn: there are ways to do this fruitfully and to God's glory and to the good of the person you are speaking with. It is not an easy procedure though. First, you need to earn the right to be heard. Say you're in Cairo, for instance. Demonstrate a knowledge of the history of the place. Show that you know a lot about Egypt and the people there. And this is the hard part: you actually need to really know th

Debunking Edward Said's Orientalism

Readers of this blog know I despise Said's  Orientalism ... But here is more: Nadim al-Bitar, a Lebanese Muslim, finds Said‘s generalizations about all Orientalists hard to accept, and is very skeptical about Said having read more than a handful of Orientalist works. Al-Bitar also accuses Said of essentialism, "[Said] does to [Western] Orientalism what he accuses the latter of doing to the Orient. He dichotomizes it and essentializes it. East is East and West is West and each has its own intrinsic and permanent nature…."  The most pernicious legacy of Said’s  Orientalism  is its support for religious fundamentalism, and on its insistence that "all the ills [of the Arab world] emanate from Orientalism and have nothing to do with the socio-economic, political and ideological makeup of the Arab lands or with the cultural historical backwardness which stands behind it". Debunking Edward Said

Demography in England and Wales, and the end of British culture

Demography in England and Wales, and the end of British culture by Abu Daoud I have pointed out from time to time where I see things going in Europe . I don't necessarily think that it will be majority Muslim in the near future, but I do see the proliferation of de facto Islamic area-states, which you already see all over the place in France, Sweden, the UK and Germany (among others). Indigenous European populations (English, Irish, French, etc) are stagnating or (as is becoming more and more the case) actually in decline for a number of complex reasons which touch on de-Christianization, the proliferation of artificial birth control, the sexual revolution, and, recently, the economic downturn and emigration. I also have opined that current figures of ethnic Europeans mask the true dimensions of this loss of European identities and the concurrent Islamization of portions of Europe. (Of course, I know that not all immigration to Europe is Islamic, but even if it Indian Hindu

Successful multiculturalism in Sweden

Not that you're going to see this much on BBC or CNN of course...And just remember, it is Sweden's fault for not, uh, integrating them better and, uh, giving them jobs and more free stuff. I mean, being poor in Sweden is a lot harder than the homeland of Somalia or Iraq or whatever, right? Poor abandoned immigrant youth. It's all Sweden's fault.

Syrian Diagnosis: Too Many People and Too Little Water

Weeks Population: Syrian Diagnosis: Too Many People and Too Little W... : Thomas Friedman of the New York Times is in Syria right now and his column yesterday laid out a more nuanced view of what's going on th...

How Israelis view America

This is hilarious! So true!

We don't have answers...

Missionary Secrets 3: we don’t have answers by Abu Daoud (5/2013) I sat around smoking water pipe with a guy considering a long-term career in the mission field today. He is a friend of mine, a bit younger than me, but not much. But I have been out here for going on a decade, and he and his young family are only here short term. He asked me questions. We were there to talk about life and pray together. (Yes, at a hookah bar—I’m all about religion in the public square…maybe I’ve been too influenced by Islam? Who knows, and who cares?) How do you handle the stress? Me: Go on vacations outside of dar al islam? What if the local churches don’t build you up? Me: You find fellowship in…your family? Old friends? The liturgy at my church sustains me, but you don’t go to a liturgical church, so…not sure… Who are the mature Christians who can build you up? Me: here? Not many…there are older people but they are just passing through and don’t really grasp the local context. May