Anti-missionary initiative in Algeria

From HERE:

"Algerian Security Forces Weigh New Anti-Missionary Program"

("El-Khabar", January 15, 2008)

Algiers, Algeria - An Algerian security forces team is examining a new program for fighting missionary activity, to be submitted to Algerian President Abdelaziz Bouteflika.

The program, which was prepared by clerics, includes encouraging citizens to report missionary activity and efforts to raise funds to support indigent individuals considering converting to Christianity, and counterpropaganda in order to point out the contradictions and heresy in Christianity and Judaism.

The main region of concern is Kabylia, but missionary activity is taking place also in other regions of the country.


JohnG. said…
And West goes on doing as if every one in muslim countries were gentle and nice. Every one knows that cruelty is a Western caracteristic, especially roman catholic one.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi John, yes, you are right about our ignorance. I also detect the irony in your statement about the cruelty of Christians, who go and do terrible things like teaching people to read and feeding the hungry and opening schools and clinics and hospitals...
JohnG. said…
How horrible... !
Please, don't forget helping the widows, taking care of every one whatever his race, religion or political caracteristics he has....
How can one tolerate such people ?

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