Muhammad and the "miracle of the Quran"

[In Islam, each prophet] is supported by miracles to prove that he is not an impostor. Those miracles are granted by the power and permission of God and are usually in the field in which his people excel and are recognized as superiors. We might illustrate this by quoting the major miracles of the three prophets of the major world religions: Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Moses' contemporaries were excellent in magic. So his major miracle was to defeat the best magicians of Egypt of his days. Jesus' contemporaries were recognized as skillful physicians. Therefore, his miracles were to raise the dead and cure the incurable diseases. The Arabs, the contemporaries of the Prophet Mohammed, were known for their eloquence and magnificent poetry. So Prophet Muhammad's major miracle was the Quran, the equivalent of which the whole legion of the Arab poets and orators could not produce despite the repeated challenge from the Quran itself. Again Muhammad's miracle has something special about it. All previous miracles were limited by time and place, i.e., they were shown to specific people at a specific time. Not so the miracle of Muhammad, the Quran. It is a universal and everlasting miracle. Previous generations witnessed it and future generations will witness its miraculous nature in terms of its style, content and spiritual uplifting. These still can be tested and will thereby prove the divine origin of the Quran. [...]

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southerncanuck said…
I think its disingenuous for Islam to claim for itself miracles from Moses or Jesus considering...especially Jesus whose words they mostly reject and bastardize for their own purposes. As far as the Quran itself being a miracle, I don't think we Christians refer to the Bible as a "miracle" per se, but the Divinely Inspired word of God. The subject matter can concern miracles and subjects not able to be conceived of without heavenly grace, but the writing itself of it wouldn't be a miracle. The writing of the Quran wouldn't be something that defies nature.

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