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Greetings to readers of David Roseberry's Leaderworks

Greetings in Christ's name! I really have enjoyed getting to know the Rev. Cannon David Roseberry over the years and working with him to help the larger Anglican community become more aware of a fundamental shift we are going through in the West. The Muslim population is increasing very quickly. That is not going to change. The truth is that Islam creates societies in which no one—including Muslims—wants to live. Many Americans look at this and are alarmed. Now, Christians should voice their opinions on migration and security to their elected leaders in Congress. But, Congress will not and cannot stop the increase of Islam in the USA. So what should we do? What is a Christ-centered response to this situation? Serve them in Christ's name. Share your life with them in Christ's name. Pray of them and pray with them . Muslims are coming to Christ. It's not easy. It's not fast. But it's good. God is doing a new thing. I want you and your church to be par