The Caliph Omar and Jerusalem

From HERE:

At the end of the summer in the year 636 CE, following the Battle of Yarmuk, the outcome of which signaled the end of the Byzantine period in Palestine, the Muslims made for Jerusalem and laid siege to the city for two years. After eighteen months the besieging army was joined by a second force, led by ben-Jarah, and finally the city surrendered.

According to Muslim tradition, Ben-Jarah called on Omar to assume the crown of victory over the important Christian (and, of course, Jewish) city. Another tradition holds that the city's inhabitants, who had heroically withstood a series of attacks, declared that they would surrender to no one but the leader of the Muslim world himself and Omar indeed came to the city to accept the surrender. Omar is said to have entered the city riding a camel and wearing a simple camel-hair cloak. This modest entry embarrassed his army commanders, who had been in the area for three years and were accustomed to Byzantine splendor.[...]


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