Demographics, Terror, Western Europe

By H. Fitzgerald:

[...] The larger the local population of Muslims, the more incessant the demands by that population for severe, absurd limits on methods used to prevent such terrorism. For example, take the demand that there be no "profiling" at airports or elsewhere for Muslim terrorists, on the basis of the perceived belief in Islam of those in the population who, intelligently and effectively, should be subject to much greater scrutiny. Take also the severe limits placed on public discussion of the nature of Islam, of what its adherents believe or can reasonably be assumed to believe, if they call themselves Muslims. The larger the Muslim population, the greater the number of people attempting to influence Western politicians to lay off of Islam, the greater the pressure to remove all obstacles to the spread and dominance of Islam, and the greater the likelihood that some in that population will offer political, moral, financial support to those who plot and plan, and those who manage to take part in, acts of terrorism.

And there is one final thing. Terrorism is an instrument. But the goal is the removal of all obstacles, everywhere, to the spread and dominance of Islam. Over 1350 years, with a few exceptions (in Java and Sumatra, conversion of the rulers to Islam led to mass-conversion of their subjects), Islam spread by force. Such force is not possible today, right now, in most of the Bilad al-kufr, the Lands of the Infidels. Other instruments of Jihad are being employed instead -- well-financed and carefully-targetted campaigns of Da'wa, deployment of the Money Weapon (Saudi Arabia alone has spent nearly $100 billion in the last few decades, for mosques, madrasas, armies of Western hirelings, propaganda, public-relations efforts), and above all, demographic conquest. That conquest is discussed openly, and incessantly, by Muslims (from Boumedienne in 1974, at the U.N., to letter-writers to the Pakistani newspaper "Dawn"), while the victims of this demographic conquest are made to believe that discussion of this is most unseemly, most unwise, most "racist," most something, and so they -- mostly -- keep very quiet. [...]

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