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Abu Daoud interviewed by VirtueOnline

I was recently interviewed by David Virtue at VirtueOnline . Here is an excerpt: VOL:  We hear there are conversions of Muslims to Christ. Many Muslims are seeing visions and dreams of the risen Christ. Can you speak to that?   ABU DAOUD:  We should not lose heart. "The Church is an anvil which has worn out many hammers" (Beza). Muslims are turning to Christ in unprecedented numbers. Not so much here in Israel and Palestine, but it is happening there too. Training Christians in the USA to be effective in reaching out to Muslims is at the heart of the new stage of our mission back in the USA. If there are any parishes out there interested in learning about this they can contact me through my blog, .   But as to the traditional churches in Israel including the Anglican churches, there is little or no future. Israel is the one country in the region where Muslims can legally convert to Christianity, yet it hardly ever happens. Anglicans in the Diocese

What Abu Daoud predicted about the Arab Spring

Hi All, I was recently going over this interview I did with Don Warrington at Positive Infinity for another interview I'm doing right now, and I was struck by how I nailed the Arab Spring all the way back in January of 2012. Check this out: 6) Where do you see MENA going, especially in view of events such as the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and the Arab Spring? This is the million-dollar question, isn’t it? First, the people who protested didn’t take political control, so as much as they wanted freedom and democracy, they just won’t get it, I’m sorry to say. The Egyptian elections were demonstrably corrupt, though the international press has not said so—I have no idea why. The Islamists will take power and they will not let it go. And why is this surprising? That is precisely what Muhammad did—engaged in diplomacy and compromise and so on, but once he had power he was ruthless. In the end, an Islamic society cannot be a free society. Islam and freedom are mutually excl

How many virgins may a Muslim get in Paradise?

Muhammad: cross-dresser and unfair husband

The Qur'an says that a man may take up to four wives (and the Prophet up to eight) as long as he treats them all fairly. Did Muhammad do this? Check out this sahiih /verified hadith from Al Bukhari which shows how unjust Muhammad was to his wives, and also his explanation of why he favored A'isha the daughter of Abu Bakr above his other wives. Enjoy: From the  Sahih  Collection of al- Bukhari ,  Hadith  Number 2442,  Chapter 52.  Book of Setting Free, VII: The one who gave a gift to his friend aiming for a time when he was with one of his wives rather than another.      It is related from ' A'isha  that the wives of the messenger of Allah fell into two parties. One party contained ' A'isha ,  Hafsa ,  Safiyya  and  Sawda , and the other party contained Umm  Salama  and the rest of the wives of the messenger of Allah. The Muslims knew of the love of the messenger of Allah for ' A'isha , so when any of them had a gift which he wanted to give to the m

Syrian-Australian woman speaks out for Syria

Powerful. Please do share.

Episcopal Church Leased to Muslim Group

Dr. Khamis Abu-Hasaballah, president of the FVAMC, told The Christian Post that they are "thrilled" by the interfaith partnership and plan to move into the Avon property soon.   "We hope to move in in the coming weeks. Since we're leasing the facility, we're keeping the modifications to the bare minimum needed to accommodate our activities," said Abu-Hasaballah. "The facility has been de-consecrated by the bishop and the altar removed. We are also relocating some pews to free up enough space for Muslim congregational prayers." Read it all HERE . Sad to see stuff like this happen.

Context and Power

Some great quotes here and context, power, and forming or making theology: ...identifying a context is not simply naming a place, group or identity, but is an activity laden with power and purpose that has theological and social dimensions.  [...]  Moving to a new identity--Christian--then becomes a matter of constructing a notion of a new context, a Christian one, where the previous identities may or may not intersect. Power and Identity in the Global Church , eds Brian Howell and Edwin Zehner, p 5

Did the Apostles espouse insider movements?

I answer that the Biblical witness clearly leads to the answer no : Further, the mixed churches in cities like Rome and [the region of] Galatia were likewise errors. These believers, both Jews and non-Jews, had mistakenly supposed that they in some way had come into a new oikos and a new identity, and Paul, lacking wisdom as usual, taught them these things. Indeed, a triumph of IM hermeneutics and practice would have meant that Peter should have been victorious when Paul confronted him. Indeed, Paul, in violating kashrut was stepping needlessly outside of his oikos , while Peter himself was honoring his God-given identity as a Galilean Jew.  In the end though, it was the faith—the apostolic faith—that was victorious. A faith which understood that in Jesus a new community had come into being demanded allegiance above and beyond one’s own community of birth. Or as one African pastor put it in those early centuries: you cannot have God for your Father without having the Church f

"Rebecca Lewis and Kevin Higgins against the Ropes": a new article by Abu Daoud

As a contributing editor of St Francis Magazine I have the privilege (and duty) to write at least one substantial article per year. All my previous SFM articles can be found in the menu to the right of the main blog text. My recent article started as a mere book review of Jeff Morton's recent book Insider Movements: Biblically Incredible or Incredibly Brilliant? The material in this book unfolded itself into an article-length article (which is also a review) concerned with 'insider movements'. In his book, Morton particularly takes on two of the main proponents of IM: Rebecca Lewis and Kevin Higgins--hence the full title (and biblio): Abu Daoud. 2013. "Rebecca Lewis and Kevin Higgins against the Ropes: sounding the death nell of the insider movements and the victory of Apostolic faith" in St Francis Magazine 9(4), August, pp 52-58. (Yes, that is " Abu Daoud " and not "Daoud, Abu.") The article also takes on Dave Bogs , who is the g