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Europe's Demographic Fate

Good article here on the terrible state of demographics in Europe. Immigrants to Europe will certainly change the civilization and cultures present there. As the children of the West continue to opt for comfort and worldliness their civilization will die with them. It will be replaced by the civilization(s) of those who inherit their lands. London will become more and more like Lahore. Madrid will become more and more like Morocco. Paris will become more and more like Algiers. I can't say I'm too sad about the death of Western Civilization though. Immigrants and European Demography

Why Short Term Missions are so dangerous

Here is a great new article on Short Term Missions (STM), and how they can be quite harmful and disastrous. I'm happy that someone has written this article! It really needed to be said. Read it all at The Gospel Coalition Here is one part I liked: Imagine a team from France calls your church and says they want to visit. They want to put on VBS (which you have done for years), but the material is in French. They have heard about how the U.S. church has struggled and want to help you fix it. They want to send 20 people, half of them youth. Only two of them speak English. They need a place to stay for free, with cheap food and warm showers if possible. During the trip half of the group's energy will be spent on resolving tension between team members. Two people will get sick. They'd like you to arrange some sightseeing for them on their free day. Do you want them to come? Most trips I know focus on those who are going, not on those receiving the teams. We send youth so

A Political Refugee From the Global Village : Romania publishes as many books as all the Arab countries put together

Well, here is some depressing news about just how little publishing takes place in the Arab world. Sheesh... Check it out at: A Political Refugee From the Global Village : Romania publishes as many books as all the Arab countries put together

What countries have the smallest Christian population by %?

The folks at Pew Research have provided us with another great chart that provides information on religious composition by country, and it can be viewed by percentage, or by number. A bit of clicking got me the countries of the world with the lowest percentage of Christian populations. And guess what? Not until you get to place 13 do you find a country that is not Islamic. Here are the top 13 places: Morocco Somalia Afghanistan Iran Tunisia Western Sahara Yemen Algeria Bangladesh Mauritania Maldives Turkey Cambodia (Buddhist majority) What does this mean? I don't want to jump to any conclusions, but one possible factor (of many, I would think) is that Muslim countries do a good job keeping the Gospel out, or making sure that converts leave (or die). Please pray for those top 13 countries, and do visit the Pew site, HERE .