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Christmastide: the true meaning, according to John Wright

I really liked this post by John Wright , sci-fi author extraordinaire and ABRC (atheist-background Roman Catholic). I always had to tell Daoud and the family that Christmas doesn't start until the 25th, because before that it is Advent. Stinkin' pagan America. (Speaking of which, we're back in the USA for the time being.) Anyway, check out John's informative and funny summary of what Christmastide really means. Here is a section to get you going: So what are the Twelve Days? And why are there Thirteen of them? I have not been able to find easy to hand a list of the Twelve Days of Christmas for 2011-2012. Here is my own list I have gathered from various sources: Christmas: December 25th–The Nativity of Our Lord December 26th—Feast of St. Stephen, first martyr December 27th—Feast of St. John, apostle and evangelist December 28th—Feast of the Holy Innocents, martyrs December 29th—Memorial of St. Thomas Becket of Canterbury, bishop and martyr December 30th—F