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Richard Dawkins on Muslims and Nobel Prizes

Richard Dawkins is reported to have said: "All the world’s Muslims have fewer Nobel Prizes than Trinity College, Cambridge." Can this be true? I mean, not that he said it (I don't doubt it), but that the content of his statement is true?

A Baptismal Liturgy for Converts from Islam

Greetings,  Here is part IV of my series on sacraments and mission, which I started many years ago for St Francis Magazine. This one contains an introduction summarizing why I think that liturgy is valuable for those engaged in mission to and among Muslims, and then contains a liturgy for baptism (of an adult) based on the Book of Common Prayer of the Episcopal Church (USA), which yes is very liberal, but the liturgy in the Prayer Book  is very good. So check it out, try it out if you are doing any work among Muslims, and let me know what you think. ' Mission and Sacrament, Part IV: A Liturgy for the Baptism of Muslims, to be Conducted on the Feast of Pentecost ' in St Francis Magazine Vol 10:2, June 2014. The first three articles can be found (in order) here , here , and here . Peace, Abu Daoud

Why the rise of Extremism in the Middle East?

Why the rise of Extermism among Muslims in the Middle East? by Abu Daoud I was recently asked to comment on this topic, and here is what I wrote There is a complex web of reasons, but I think overall here are the main reasons: 1. The failure to achieve success by copying European models, including capitalism and communism. Capitalism cannot work in the ME because it requires a) rule of law, and b) freedom to form new businesses and c) creativity to invent new products. All of these are lacking because of deeply ingrained traditions of favoring one's own religion or family or tribe. I do trace this back to Islam (a lot of people don't), where the dhimmi system forces people to discriminate against non-Muslims, and where the shari'a is clear that women are worth less than men, and of course the Arabo-centric facet of Islam, which more or less implies that God is an Arab, because his book is in Arabic and cannot be translated, and thus Arabs are (in realit

Emir Rishawi on the hypostatic union

Emir Rishawi, a convert from Islam, composed this fine reflection, directed at Muslims, trying to explain (I think) what Christians call the hypostatic union and the incarnation: The mystery of Christ's person, as it seen through the New Testament, is epitomised in his relationship with God the Father. Christ is a man who is related to God through the heart of his message and the depth of his being. There is no difference between the person of Christ, the Word of God, and his message and being. His message is his being, and his being is his message. No one else could say the same, not even the prophets. Every man has his own being, and later he receives from God a message that is independent of his being. But with Jesus the message and the being are identical. His message is to reveal the will of God, manifest his love, and establish his kingdom. This is from his book Light of Life which you can read online here .

Banned TEDx Talk: Ruppert Sheldrake on The Science Delusion