Die Welt: Terror...right on your doorstep

A quote from the German-Turkish author Zafer Senocak in the German weekly Die Welt, 29 December 2007 [English translation here]

Even if most Muslims refuse to face this truth, terrorism comes from the very heart of Islam, arriving straight from the Koran. […] You do not encounter the true face of Islam at the Conference of German Islam. You find it in countries like Pakistan. That Islam launched a world war. But the world acts as if it never heard anything about it. For many of our contemporaries, the battle is being waged far beyond Turkey. But in the modern planetary village, there is no "far beyond". There is only a "right on your doorstep." […]

But the free world only watches, paralyzed. American policies in Iraq set off and continue to feed much disdain in Europe. When it comes to criticism, Europeans are really unsurpassable. But when it comes to new ideas and political concepts, there is a vacuum. European politics confronted with Muslim terrorism wears itself out trying to undermine all concrete actions. Some want to negotiate - with Hamas, with the Talibans. They offer nuclear reactors to Qadhafi, they roll out the red carpet for the Saudi sovereign. And finally, everything is counted in petrodollars. The West does not even notice how far it has disintegrated, while terrorists of Islam win one victory after another.


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