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St Augustine's Jerusalem

It does not matter where you live in the Muslim world, sooner or later the topic of Zionism will come up , if not from Muslims from Christians. Regarding this topic, I love how Augustine writes about his Jerusalem: As for myself I will enter into my closet and there sing to thee the songs of love, groaning with groanings that are unutterable now in my pilgrimage, and remembering Jerusalem with my heart uplifted to Jerusalem my country, Jerusalem my mother; and to thee thyself, the Ruler of the source of Light, its Father, Guardian, Husband; its chaste and strong delight, its solid joy and all its goods ineffable--and all of this at the same time, since thou art the one supreme and true Good! --Confessions 12:16.

Circumpolar: Identity Issues for Ex-Muslim Christians, Tim Gree...

Circumpolar: Identity Issues for Ex-Muslim Christians, Tim Gree... : Identity issues for ex-Muslim Christians, with particular reference to marriage, by Tim Green   at St. Francis Magazine . Here is a very t...

Prayer Request

Abu Daoud and family are applying for visa renewals. Please pray that all would go smoothly.

Abu Daoud: on training potential MBB leaders

On Training Potential MBB Leaders by Abu Daoud A few days I hopped on a morning bus for a neighboring city. I had a meeting there and I figured that afterward I would drop in and see a friend of mine as well. This friend is a local guy (not a foreigner) and in his city/area there is a lot more going on in terms of ministry to Muslims than in my city. Anyway, I asked him how the Muslim-background congregation was doing and he said that he was shifting his focus, and would be meeting with some baptized men to focus on leadership training, rather than helping to run the church meetings. Right away he asked me what I would teach them about. I get this quite a bit actually. After a few years some of the locals came to the conclusion that I was good guy to consult with in making decisions about local ministry, I guess. I thought about the example of the early church and how  and I took a  piece  of paper and drew a triangle, on each side of the triangle I wrote a word (all in Ara

Missionary Secrets 3: Communicating with supporters sucks...sometimes

Missionary Secrets 3: Communicating with supporters sucks...sometimes By Abu Daoud So here’s the deal: I spend time writing an e-mail update about some recent encounter with a Muslim here in town, or some other observation about Islam, or something encouraging that happened with one of our Christian friends, or what have you. I send them out to about 400 people on my e-mail account. And a few people…maybe…respond. Who reads these things? I have no idea. Am I wasting half a day in doing this? I often feel like it. Two or three times a year I Um Daoud and I put a few days into producing a high-quality newsletter, we e-mail it to out agency back in the West, and they distribute it to 500+ post addresses on THAT mailing list. Another business prints them, our mission envelopes them, and posts them. The whole project comes out of our funds to the tune of $400 or so. How many people read these things? We normally see an uptick in contributions after we send it out, so it must m

Contemporary Muslim apologetic of mysogeny

Ran across this on Facebook. Nice example of how some Muslims defend what non-Muslims perceive as some of the unjust ways that some Muslim men treat some Muslim women. (How's that for a lot of qualifications?) Anyway, there's a good insight here. (BTW, Alim means teacher or scholar). A non Muslim came to an alim and asked : Why is it not permissible to shake hand s with a man? The alim said : Can you shake hands with queen Elizabeth? He said: Of course not there are only certain people who can shake hands with Queen Elizabeth.  The alim said: our women are queens and queens do not shake hands with strange men.  Then the non Muslim asked: Why do your girls cover up their body and hair? The alim smiled and got two sweets, he opened the first one and kept the other one closed. He threw them both on the dusty floor and asked, " If I asked you to take one of the sweets which one would you choose?" The non muslim said, " the covered one." The a

Christianity growing among Muslims in Indonesia

I recently ran across a video for a (Muslim-run) ministry called Save Maryam. Their goal is to stop Muslims in Indonesia from converting to Christianity. Here is the Save Maryam video: The figure mentioned in there of two million Muslims converting each year appears pretty incredible to me, as in one should not believe it. After a bit of digging I think the number is way too high. That having been said, Muslims are turning to Christ in Indonesia in significant numbers, we are talking about tens or perhaps hundreds of thousands per year. Time Magazine has a good article from 2010 about this, authored by Temang Gung and Hannah Beech (my favorite writer for Time who looks like she's twelve :-) The article is titled Christianity's Surge in Indonesia and you can read it all HERE . For now, here is one section about this surprising growth and also the persecution that comes along with a vibrant, bold, growing faith. What is it about Evangelical Christianity that has so reso