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David Wood: The recipe for Jihad

I recently ran across this video on Youtube and thought it was very good. Enjoy.

The Archbishop of Canterbury on Youth joining the Islamic State

Kudos to Archbishop of Century Justin Welby for grasping an important point and having the balls to say it out loud. Going off to join the Islamic State (aka ISIS, aka ISIL) makes sense. I mean, it makes sense from the point of view that Christianity in Europe is pretty tame and lame and really offers no adventure for young men. And secularism? Ditto. You can play games, keep around, get stoned or loaded, you might even be able to be successful and make money (not likely these days). But what if you are a young man who wants an adventure? Who wants respect and adventure and a great challenge in life? As a Christian I would say become a missionary. God knows this has been a challenging and adventurous vocation for the last decade or so. But the Churches in the UK don't do that sort of thing. Here are some key morsels from the article: Young people are turning to Jihad because mainstream religion is not "exciting" enough, according to the Archbishop of Canterbury.