Abu Daoud & Co. safely in new city

Your prayers have availed much!

We have arrived with nary a hitch, other than the fact that it is quite cold here. Yes, cold in the Middle East. While I cannot go into many details for obvious reasons I am happy to say that I see us being here for several years, interacting with both Muslims and Arab Christians for the glory of God. I have met with two gentlemen with whom I will be working extensively and we are all excited to see what our Father is going to do.

Next big thing: Find a permanent residence. While the temporary place is fine, there is no substitute for having a home of one's own.

PS: Hope to start regular blogging again within two or three days...


southerncanuck said…
good luck and God Bless!
Craig Fletcher said…
AMEN BROTHER, AMEN!!! Big smile on my face knowing that you and your family are safe and ready to serve the Lord!
Steve Scott said…
I know enough about the middle east to know that there are cold places there in the winter. A friend was a missionary there, and in a very cold place indeed. Glad to hear you arrived.

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