Why ex-Muslims Live in Fear--in America

From Human Events, back in 2004:

These people have to live in fear because of the long-entrenched and continuing unwillingness on the part of American authorities to face up to the realities of Islam. Law enforcement officials either haven't known or haven't cared that Islam mandates the death penalty for those who leave the religion. They assumed, if they knew that this provision existed at all, that Muslims who settled in the United States would discard it and accept the parameters and principles of American secularism. And many have. But many haven't, and it is time that fact be acknowledged. This is especially tough for Westerners, however, since the concept of apostasy is so foreign to today's secular society. As the great ex-Muslim Ibn Warraq noted in a statement read for him last year before the United Nations Commission on Human Rights (he could not appear in person because of threats on his life arising from the same Islamic principles): "The very notion of apostasy has vanished from the West. There are certainly no penal sanctions for converting from Christianity to any other religion." However, one who leaves Islam, he explains, "can be seen as someone unnatural, subverting the natural course of things whose apostasy is a wilful and obstinate act of treason against God and the one and only true creed, and a betrayal and desertion of the community." Thus his death is to be actively sought, so as to erase the stain on the community.


Anonymous said…
Exactly which ex-Muslims in the USA have been killed for apostacy? Please name them and the dates and locations where they were killed?

I'm not asking for those who claim to have been threatened (usually right before it's time to sell a new book), but who has actually been murdered for apostacy in the USA?
SocietyVs said…
"Law enforcement officials either haven't known or haven't cared that Islam mandates the death penalty for those who leave the religion."

Sad indeed - another reason on the list of reasons - to never join this religion - God forbid I should find it distasteful and be head-hunted for making an informed choice.

Sutter, Sutter, Sutter - do you agree this is a teaching within Islam (the apostasy rule)? If it is, why bother defending it? Do you agree with it? Do you disagree with it? I don't care if anyone in the West has been killed in name of this islamic belief - the fact it exists means some must keep quiet under it - in order to keep family and friends (lest they turn their back also on the 'unbeliever').
Anonymous said…
I don't agree with it in the Bible, I don't agree with it in the Qur'an. However, it's not enforced in either religion, except in very rare extremist cases - in Islam, it's usually in some remote tribal area in Pakistan. Almost everyone realizes that both penalties for apostacy are ancient history.

I notice it's been two weeks and still not a single name offered to substantiate the rather wild claims of the original article. Not...one...single...name.

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