"My Father was stronger than [Satan]"

Segment of a testimony from a convert from Islam, in this case a woman from a Turkish background. She heard the Gospel in Germany. Here is the section from moment of conversion but please read the whole thing:

One day this woman gave me a Turkish Injeel as a gift. I read the Injeel, didn't understand much, but I found it quite logical. Meanwhile my mom left, and went back to Turkey. I gave my boy to a child care center. I was working double shift everyday. I was exhausted.

One day this woman told me, "There is a vacation place I know of. Why don't you go there and spent a couple weeks there?" I accepted her offer. I was introduced to some Turkish believers before I left. We prayed together;

"Lord, If you are really Jesus the Messiah, help me, explain this to me, and answer my questions."

I was traveling in the train and thinking about all I heard, also reading my Injeel. Suddenly, I felt a big joy in my heart. I understood. Love, joy, peace, blessings, and the intimacy of God the Father filled the whole compartment.

The vacation place was owned by some Turkish believers. There I confessed my invitation to Jesus as my Savior and asked Him into my heart for eternity. I was so happy, because I knew I had found my real Father.

Three days later, I got really sick. Just like Satan was talking to me. You can't do it. There are believers here, but when you go to Berlin, I will scare you all the time, and make you crazy. And he was telling me to jump from the window. However, a believer there, cast out Satan in the name of Jesus. After I went to Berlin, Satan was not able to bother me at all, because MY FATHER WAS STRONGER THAN HE WAS.


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