The Maldives, the Unreached, Vacation

Well, the secluded archipelago nation of the Maldives is now in the news. It is mostly Muslim and the principal people group there, the Maldivian Malki, are 100% Muslim. It is one of the most unreached nations in the world, as well as one of the most hardest to access.

Check out the country profile over at the Joshua Project.

Here is the recent news on a terrorist attack in the Maldives from CNN:

Arrests made after Maldives blast:

COLOMBO, Sri Lanka (AP) -- Maldives police have arrested two local men after a nail-packed bomb exploded in a busy park Saturday and wounded 12 foreign tourists, a government spokesman said Sunday.

Remains of a mobile phone and timer alleged to be used for a bomb in Male, Maldives, Saturday were found.

The homemade bomb exploded outside the crowded Sultan Park in the capital, Male, the first such incident reported in this Indian Ocean archipelago renowned for its exclusive tourist resorts.

Government spokesman Mohamed Shareef said that police arrested the suspects hours after the blast. But no motive has been established yet, and it was unclear whether they would be charged.

"The Maldives has never had something like this before. We are taking this very seriously because tourism is our life blood," Shareef said after the blast on Saturday.

But the Maldives are very beautiful country, located in the Indian Ocean. And one of its primary sources of income is tourism. Would you consider traveling there for your next vacation and taking a few Bibles in Arabic as well as committing to sharing the Gospel with people in the tourism industry and walking through the streets while praying?

Contact your local tourism office about visiting the Maldives and take Christ there, while you're on vacation.


Anonymous said…
Per the Australian gvt. travel advice site on the Maldives:

"Public observance of any religion other than Islam is prohibited and importation of non-Islamic religious material is illegal. In the past, foreigners have been expelled for allegedly engaging in religious preaching."

Just a thing to be aware of if you're contemplating importing Bibles there....

Maldivian said…
Maldives is a 100% muslim country, we love our culture, the social harmony which we have is due to having one religion and one dialect.
Please dont think about bringing chaos here with ur religion. If ur just tourist, pls visit but if u are a christian missionary, STAY OUT OF THIS COUNTRY!

Everyone here knows islam is the true religion. We believe in Christ as a messenger.
Freedom Fighter said…
It's not a "harmony" if there's only one. What a sad way to live. I hope you understand that you don't have some basic human rights in your country!

You say: "Please dont think about bringing chaos here with ur religion."! I don't think Christian missionaries are blowing themselves up in crowded parks! You have chaos there already, it's called islam.
Anonymous said…
Looking at this place for the first time looked like paradise but after hearing about this dictatorship in such a beautiful place is very displeasing. Who wants to visit such a coltish place? Kind of like that saying "May look like gold but really isn't!" Christ "a messenger"? You can shorten that word a little to be more truthful. Hear let me help M-E-S-S-I-A-H!
Anonymous said…
Freedom fighter needs to not push his beliefs on other fanatic christians are too much!!!
Live your life and let the rest of us live ours!
Leave these people and this country alone...What nerve you and all other maniacal christians have!!!
You Crazy Muslims, GSAD said…
Well stated, Please come retrieve all your Muslim brothers and sisters from all of Europe, Asia (Pakistan excluded, India can deal with them), Russia, any former Soviet country, the America's, Australia, etc. Also pick up Barrack while you are in the US, I hear his Wahhabi school is having a reunion.

Here is a link to picture you can show your Imam;

You might also want to introduce him to a toothbrush, since what is coming out of his mouth smells foul and ripe with condemnation.

(going back to drawing pictures of Mohammad)

P.S. Post your address if you would like a portrait :P
Anonymous said…
hey u people.. i felt nothing other than anger after reading ur comments and suggestions. we r muslims..we wont giv up our relegion. we don hav fear for anything.not even death. we are always ready for death. no one knws wen it will cum. so we r always prepared.

as u ppl can see trning someone into a muslim is much more easier than making a muslim change the relegion... the reason is alllaws and everythin is proved..evidences are there for everythin. and every law is for rightness..
Karen said…
after reading all the comments in this place..

I'm not muslim, and I don't live in the maldives.. and for those of you who posted and are in the same boat as me--chill out. I don't understand why people have to force their views on other people--and goes for those westerners who have to stick their nose in other people's business.

If it happens that the people in the Maldives are mass murdering on the street, and nothing is done about it--then fine, stick your nose in it and help them out. But don't try and bring your christian faith and what not and call theirs wrong.

We're in this world together, try to get along.
Anonymous said…
you are totally right! all the rest of you sound totally ignorant. everybody has the right to choose what and who they believe in and its not for anybody else to interfere with. i am a christian myself but if i am visiting a muslim country i respect their religion and would never impose what i believe on them. its people like you that give religion a bad reputation!
Anonymous said…
I agree with Karen. Enough of the Islamophobia already. These people have a literacy rate of 92% which is way higher than most Muslim nations, it helps tremendously because it's mostly uneducated, ignorant people who fall for extremism.

One thing I wonder about all you nonMuslims who keep these prejudices - do any of you have a single muslim friend in real life??? I bet 95% of you DO NOT, you prefer to listen to warmoning politicians and biased media like FOxnews to reinforce your hatefilled views.

I initially came to this site to look over tourism but it's a shame that you'd find a blog about this here.
Anonymous said…
this is so pathetic,maldives,the nature is paradise there,i enever thought place like that existed,but you damn fools,humans you still make hell out of paradise,fuck you you sick bizarre shits,one day i am gonna live in maldives,on one small island,try to enjoy that heaven you have,don;t make such a place hell,like you did with all other cities and countries,i am a muslim,a christian and nothing,you have groups like ancient people and animals,can't you respect people because of what they do,not because they say christ is god or only a messenger,enjoy paradise you have been given,maldives
Anonymous said…
i am from the maldives,i grew up there.its nothing like what you ppl are saying it is. islam is just a way of life there. hardly anyone wears a hijaab, and i know of no one, including my grandmother's generation who had an arranged marriage. its not like other arab countries. its an island for god's sake. we only think of present and hardly ever of tomoro. the minority (about 2000 ppl) across the maldive islands are extremist. i think we have never had a civil war. most ppl are educated. it's strange how westerners always think anyone whose not like them are ignorant, foolish savagers. inhumane.
Anonymous said…
Yes the Maldives are very nice. The Maldives are a 10% Muslim country who are not opposed to non-Muslim tourists and are also welcoming people. Please do not try and do this because it will result in your expulsion from the Maldives and will lead to stricter rules against tourists. This might also cause the people of Maldives to become more hostile towards non-Muslim tourists. It will cause more peoblems and solutions.

God Bless!
Anonymous said…
sorry I typed in the wrong thing the maldives are 100% Muslim country.
Anonymous said…
Like all others, the Maldivians also have their rights to choose their religion They have chosen Islam and are peacefully living in their paradise. Non Muslims from the west pay high prices just to stay there fron few days. So why are the Christiam Missionaries poking their nose into those beautiful people's affairs. It is a fact that that country was the most peaceful place on the earth till the selfish, fundamentalistic Christians started meddiling with the affairs of them. The fundamentalistic Christians are no cleaner than the Muslim fundamentalists by any means, I feel they are dirtier of the two.
Anonymous said…
Proshu prosheyniya! Osthav'te NAS pokoe e pusth Nash narodh xzivioth meerno e dhruzxno. Poxzaluistha priexzai'te v gosthi,no ne chivo bol'she. Xzilai-u priyathnovo othdhiha na Mal'deevah. .................Russko-govoriyashee.
Anonymous said…
First of all I don’t understand why you would want to - your exact phrase
“Consider traveling there for your next vacation and taking a few Bibles in Arabic as well as committing to sharing the Gospel with people in the tourism industry and walking through the streets while praying?”
Are you a priest or something or is Maldives your church? How would you feel if a Muslim does something like that in your precious church or your country?
The people of Maldives know enough about other religions and they respect them as well. What’s your problem with the nation and its religion?
Its not others fault that you have stopped reasoning with your own religion and beliefs.
You can take some time to think about your own actions.
Live and let others live; there is enough space on this earth.
Ozaer Shah said…
Christian missionaries often bring them a loaf of bread in one hand, and a bible in the other. This is wrong. If you are sincere about helping people that are less fortunate, then do so without any other obligation towards you. I think missionaries, primarily Americans, need to spread their so called JOY in the states, and not in the Maldives. I am a Muslim living in America, and yes, I enjoy the freedoms of America and its basic principles...but these missionaries come to the Maldives with bad intentions. Be careful of what you do because it will have bad consequences if you don't repsect the land and its people.
Anonymous said…
There won't be any harmony in this world until the last Muslim is strangled with the guts of the last Jew.
But until then, just keep blowing yourselves up, we really appreciate the help and we all know that's what Allah wants you to do.
Anonymous said…
I am a Christian and I believe sincerely in God. He told us to preach to the world but He also said that LOVE is the greatest gift of all. If you're a TRUE follower of God you will have love. So lets stop blowing people up, stop insulting people on the forums, stop disrespecting the Maldives people. If the Maldives rejects the Christian message, don't FORCE IT!!! Offer it as a gift, if they push it out then go AWAY!
@Freedumb Fighter.

"I don't think Christian missionaries are blowing themselves up in crowded parks! You have chaos there already, it's called islam"

You're right Freedumb Fighter, Christians only blow up Federal buildings in Oklahoma City, and Abortion clinics, while women and children are inside, in the US, and commit terroist acts against it's own Americans, and start unnecessary wars with countries that they want to control, or steal resources from. Yeah, Christianity is the perfect religion.(NOT)!

"Thou Hypocrite, first cast the beam out of thine own eye, and then shalt thou see clearly to cast out the mote out of thy brother eye"

Praise GOD, not religion! Religion is man made, GOD made Man.
Anonymous said…
Those people who blow up themselves cannot be called muslims, its a religion they create for themselves.

Islam prohibits suicide anyway. The person who blows up himself is either an atheist or someone who follows another religion.

Iran, pakistan, afghanistan.Majority of the followers are shites who created their own religious beliefs.
Anonymous said…
Another country of intolerant, uneducated, shit eating sister-fuckers?

I'll pass. It's too bad that such a beautiful island nation is occupied by the lowest form of life known to man: radical followers of islam. THE WORLD SHITS ON YOU (not that you care)
Anonymous said…
you say that islam is the true religion even though their so called qua-ran has grammatical mistakes in it and contradicts itself? does God make grammatical mistakes and contradict himself? Christians are not forcing their religion on anybody, would you let your brother stick his hand in the fire and not try and pull his hand out? Im a Christian arab and because of the islamic religion i cant go into any airport without be suspect to special inspections because of the violence that islam is made of. the fact that islam is spread by the sword is true no matter what anybody says. Some of you people are saying let anybody choose their own religion, do u define islamic people going into christian villages, killing all the parents and elders, kidnapping the children and raising them in the islamic faith choosing your own religion? i think not. islam is a false religion and muslims are going to receive a very scary surprise on judgment day. christians do not want this to happen to any muslim and that is why "we are trying to force our religion on others"
Anonymous said…
stupid chiristians. why do u think that you have the need to force your religion on others? think about it . . .
Anonymous said…
stupid cristns ... is there any grametcl mistake in Quran.. is it the 1st time u heard abt quran.. Mistakes are in bible... not in Quran.. we are uneducated Maldivians.. but we no that Bible is full of porns and incest sex... hehe.. God also wants to seduce the people isnt... there is no grametical or any other mistake in Quran.. todays science has proved that.. fingerprints and many other things are already mentioned in Quran.. without knowing anything you stupid cristn ppl are shouting... Profit Mohamed Called for islam for 23 years.. nearly 1000 ppl died.. poor guys.. most of the wars are not to call for islam.. just to protect the muslims and to get back the properties which they alredy lost.. do you know how many ppl killd in second world war.. so dont talk abt swords, guns and etc...
you ppl are talking about democracy.. better stp that...
99.99% Maldivian want not to alow any other religion in Maldives..
if you have fingers you can type anything.. better type something that make some sense.. whos going to beleave poor cristianity...
(sorry for my english.. am not good at english.. but i think my knowldge abt religns are far away than your stupid crstn ppl}
Do you Know how many books are there in Muslim's Libraries when the Muslims grown, compare to ur cristine libraries.. you ppl traslated those book and now blaming on muslims..
(sorry for my english.. am not good at english.. but i think my knowldge abt religns are far away than your stupid crstn ppl}
plx fuck offfff!!!!! stupid cristns....
Anonymous said…
No religion is better than the other, they're all the same, I mean they're all equally full of sh*t.
somebody said…
The incident which took place for the whole Maldives to revert back to the true faith 'islam', happened to us as a mercy from Allah (s.w) and May Allah, protects our nation from falsehood. i am living in a foreign country and here i have realized how much the cristians are trying to influence their religion on us esp on the muslims. muslims are special and they can be recognised. well, here i was invited to do bible study despite the fact that i wear the veil(hijab). there was also a bible in the room i rented and i tried reading it but since it wasnt even logically making sense to me i could not continue reading it after i read about only 5 pages of it. i am sorry cristian brothers and sisters, but i am telling this only because we also do not want anyone to be on the hell fire either. i have watched several talks regarding the bible and the Quran and I am 100% sure without any doubt that Quran is God's word and He Himself will protect it till the end of the world. If you are so true people why cant you make even one verse similar to the Quran or change the Quran. the simple answer is no matter what you try you will fail. Do you know the fastest growing religion today in America? no wonder, Truth will prevail over all ways of life.
Anonymous said…
U all are a sory bunch,muslims cristians or wotever.dont u see all the hatred u have for each others religion.THERE IS NO GOD OR ALLAH,ITS ALL MAN MADE!man is killing each other in the name of religion.u sorry sons o bitches!!!
Anonymous said…
what the hell you people are saying there is no God.. don't u ppl have common sense think abt this universe and you will definitly know that there is a GOD.
Anonymous said…
YOU are both pathetic Muslim or Christian extremists..
Both thinking you are righteous and on the "right path".
Both of your religions have been the cause of more death and violence than any other factor known to man.
Family, Friends and health are the most important pillars to live by. Life is short. Stop living for the unknown... You will find it is a one sided relationship and life will pass you bye (Especially if you blow yourself up or live in a monastery with no poon)
If however you do not possess one of the above (health, family,friends).. Well then pick up a crutch if you need one.. YOu know, a religion, maybe booze... Heroin is a good one too...Lol
"God is commmon sense".. Hahahahahhahahaha. Well of course he is. Is he a vengeful god? Can I not poke fun?..just a little? Will I burn? or is the afterlife gonna be a painful one? ...ahhh ok I have to get back to work.. You know reality? By the Way.. Yes Very nice looking place the Maldives. I shall visit one day
Anonymous said…
ians agaisnt the Muslims...Again and again.. YOu guys sound like a sports rivalry. Who has more followers, who is right, which book is a better read...
It's all a load of crap. I can't believe that we are now in year 2010 and we still have such a following of stupidity. Is there really that many weak peopl out there?? Guys get a fking life..Seriously.
Anonymous said…
how ignorant you are, dont u know that maldivians speak DHIVEHI? they dont speak Arabic, so if you bring arabic bibles they wont understand.

and they terror attack is rare single incident. we are peaceful ppl.

-a proud maldivian muslim-
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Anonymous said…
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Luxury Traveler said…
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Abu Daoud said…
Hi All,

Well, this post has generated a great number of comments. From both Muslims and non-Muslims.

I do still believe that sharing the Gospel among the Muslims of the Maldives is a great endeavour and something pleasing to God.

But to my Muslim readers, it should be done in a sensitive and respectful manner.

The Gospel, or more specifically Jesus the Messiah himself, has a great deal to offer Muslims in terms of hope and love. On the other hand, the culture and the history of the Maldivians should be held in high regard.

Peace be with you all.
Raisuddin tch said…
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