Two American Soldiers Convert to Islam, Marry in Afghanistan

From Here:

If the mainstream media picks this up at all, it will be as a heartwarming sidelight to the horror of war, and if the folks at State notice, they'll be showcasing these soldiers as proof that the U.S. is not at war with Islam. No one, but no one, will dare raise the small side issue of the fact that most likely they had to convert in order to marry their Afghan sweethearts, since Islamic law forbids a Muslim woman to marry a non-Muslim man -- although it allows a non-Muslim woman to marry a Muslim man. This double standard is vivid evidence of the supremacist element of Islam, since it is assumed that a woman will become part of her husband's household, such that the Islamic community will by such marriages always increase, and the non-Muslim community always decrease. And that same supremacist element, of course, fuels the jihad that these soldiers are in Afghanistan to fight. Bravo for life's little ironies.


Anonymous said…
You ignorant propaganda spreading bigets have no idea what you are talking about how about you do your rearch first and then decide to put your own twist on it as most of you christians do eg "the bible". The 2 soldiers were both american soldiers who found islam and both married each other they did not marry Afghans. Its funny because you people always try to defame islam in the hope that your christians won't look into islam but I guarantee that most good Christians once they read into Islam they will see that this is the true word of God and not a recount of what Jesus's buddies had to say 100 years after his death.
genmontcalm said…
u all niggas and I hate u all !!
Anonymous said…
The first comment was thought out, the second comment came from a special place called camp tough love. Uhmm, this seems to me similar to the balogne which others propogate so effortlessly in right wing media: that is to say, if you need to lie for billion dollar contracts and oil revenue, you should also keep religion out of the sight of your conservative Christian's faces. My parentts IE. Maybe they converted to simply spy on Muslims in their local Mosques? They might be Hispanic and look like the darker tones of humanity and blend in well with some of the darker tones of Islam. Islamaphobia, Iranaphobia, it's all piecing together now. There needs to be some public sponsored debate on these phobias, because We As Americans are so easily tempted into our own corners/ caves of religious solitude. We are becoming more secular and less educated. Israel shot our plane down (70's)if that happened and Iran was the culprit, people would have payed in bloodshed (now). Ohh , the comment b4 me was pretty vague, lacks moral character as well as intelectual character, and is racist.

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