Arab Words

Well, this is trivia, but thought you might find it interesting, especially if you read about the news in the region (ME)

Hamas is Arabic for 'enthusiasm.'

Fatah is Arabic for 'opening', as in an opening in a battle front.

Al Qaida is Arabic for 'the base' as you probably know. But it also is a noun in the feminine referring
to a person who is sitting. Thus the word is also used for a sitting
women, specifically an old woman who spends her day in a chair, perhaps
a rocking chair.


SocietyVs said…
I guess I learn something new everyday!
Anonymous said…
Hamas does mean what you say, however in the context of Palestine it is an acronym in Arabic HMAS standing for Harakat Muqawama ISlamiya (Islamic Resistance Movement. There is no I in Arabic which uses an accented A.
FATAH is another acronym in Arabic standing for Harakat Tahreer Falasteen (HTF) meaning Palestine Liberation Movement. Unfortunately the Arabic acronym HTF meant (demise) so it was reversed to FTH wich in Arabic is pronounced Fateh.
Now this has to be the ultimate in useless information.

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