Islamic science=propaganda

I have heard a lot about the supposed scientific miracles of Quran. The
Muslims who come up with this stuff are way more hard core than any Creationist
you will ever run into. (I don't look down on Creationism BTW.)

The West has exported knowledge and techniques but not the cultural underpinnings (Judeo-Christian civilization) to assure that those are rightly used. Moreover the West is losing those underpinnings itself, as we see so many scientists who
advocate unbridled stem-cell research and other such courses of
research which ethically are highly questionable.

I'll give you an example of how Islam corrupts scientific research: I was
speaking with a well-known veterinarian and I asked him about research
going in the Middle East. He laughed and said that since the branch of
the government that is in charge of apportioning funds is very conservative, they are experimenting with camel urine as a medication.

Camel urine as a medication? Yep: in one of the hadiith it says that certain men went out to live among a camel herd and drank their urine and milk and became strong. So rather than testing a hypothesis, you already know God's truth which is infallible. It only remains for you to gain evidence in favor of the proposition. If evidence does not support the hypothesis then it must have insufficient, or the experiment not carried out correctly.

Other favorites from the Quran: man is made from a blood clot. And: Alexander the Great traveled as far as India where he saw the sun set into a puddle of mud. And: The mountains are there to keep the earth from shaking.

This article does a good job explaining how science is subsumed into Islam and
simply made a tool for its victory. This is actually what should
happen, because all courses of inquiry must be submitted to the Quran. Islam means submission.

From the IHT.

...the involvement of doctors and engineers in terrorism is not shocking.
Muslim scientists are among the most politicized groups in the region,
and the Muslim approach to the scientific method, in the most extreme
cases, can squelch the freewheeling curiosity at the heart of
scientific discovery.

"Fundamentalist-type attitudes are relatively common among people in applied science in the Muslim world," Edis said. "The conception has been that modern science is developed outside, and we need to bring it into our societies without it corrupting our culture."

In other words, science is a tool for furthering an ideology rather than a means of examining core beliefs.

For Islamists like Zaghloul el-Naggar in Cairo, who hosts a popular television show about the Koran's scientific teachings, all science can be discovered within the Koran — from the cause of earthquakes to genetics. Such direct links between
science and religion ultimately hamper the scientific method by making
some questions taboo, analysts say.

"You have the emergence of a new kind of religious figure who is not a cleric, and all of his authority is as a scientist," said ToddPitock, who profiles Naggar in an article about Islam and science in the July issue of the magazine Discover. "The whole purpose of science for some Islamists is using it to reinforce faith; it really has nothing to do with science itself."


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