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Justin Long on Religion Trends for 2016

Great information from Justin Long:
Religionists, 1.31%. The world is becoming more religious, not less.Christians, 1.3% vs. Muslims, 1.8%. Both Christians and Muslims are gaining ground in the world, but Muslims are gaining ground faster. This is largely a function of faster net demographic growth rates in countries that have large Muslim populations; this in turn is caused partially by declines in mortality.Hindus, 1.26%. The Hindu population is making gains worldwide, but not as fast as Christians or Muslims.All of the remaining groups (except the very small Sikh population) are declining vs. global population.Non-religionists, 0.3% – agnostics are growing at .36%, and atheists at 0.05%. Despite headline-grabbing trends in certain parts of the world (the West, mostly), the world as a whole is becoming progressively and massively less non-religious (and atheists in particular are in sharp decline).Read more HERE.