Faith Freedom is a most unique website. I have posted the link before, but I have been very impressed by the quality and honesty of the material on that site.

The administrator is named Ali Sina, himself a former Muslim. He often responds to the testimonies of people who have left Islam, and I was moved by his confidence that the edifice of Islam is not as strong as it seems. In response to one murtaad (apostate) he wrote this:

I am so pleased to see this site has helped you, especially someone “100% ready to blow up himself” to see the light and join the fold of mankind.

Looks like this site has managed to save your life and the lives of your potential victims. Yes, our efforts does bear result. Its worth the sacrifice. What reward can be bigger than this?

I am absolutely sure that the task is much easier than most people think. Once we can reach to millions of Muslims and take them the lights, there would be no one left wanting to blow up himself for a foolish ideology made up by a psychopath.

I don’t know why billions of dollars are being spent finding and killing the terrorists when with a fraction of that we can rescue them and convert them into allies?

Education works. Truth is very powerful. Through this site and sites like this, we have been able to rescue thousands of people so far. We have a cookie cutter that works. Now all we have to do is to replicate it. We should have more sites in all languages and more people should start writing. As I said, we will grow exponentially.

My goal is not to see people leaving Islam so much as entering into the Kingdom of God. But there is indeed a good deal of overlap between our goals. In the world that Ali Sina envisions people have the freedom and security to choose their religion, or no religion at all. That is all I want: a fair hearing for the Gospel. If people are not interested or reject it, I am not at fault.

But a fair hearing is generally not possible in the Middle East. But still we labor to show forth God's love and kindness through our lives and words and deeds.


SocietyVs said…
I really like that blog - very nice guy that Ali Sina.

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