Such a Nice Guy

Great reading from Again, like I said below, I have been very concerned regarding the exportation of Iraq- and Indonesia-style terrorism to the UK and the West in general. I think this is just an excellent analysis of how people can call a terrorsit a 'nice guy' while also, very clearly, seeing the seeds of traditional, militant Islam in his actions and views:

UK Plot: Stop at the "extremist"
By Zeyno Baran

After each terrorist incident, the family and close friends of the accused say something like “he was such a nice person” and express strong doubt that he/she really could have been involved in such a horrible act. When will we learn that “being nice” is not mutually exclusive with being ideologically committed to bringing about an Islamic world order in the way the Islamists consider would be best for “social justice”? Or that these nice people would commit violent acts to achieve this goal?

Take the most recent case of Bilal Abdulla, the British-born doctor who rammed his Jeep into the Glasgow airport last weekend. According to Hicham Kwieder, an acquaintance of Abdulla during his time in Cambridge, the good doctor was “a genuine man, he looked fine and was often smiling.”

But then we have this quote:

“His mother was apparently afraid to remove her headscarf in his presence. And one classmate recalls an incident when he tried to destroy a crucifix dropped by a Christian student in a classroom.”
Shiraz Maher, one of the former HT members, wrote about his memories of Dr. Bilal Abdulla from his time as student at Cambridge. He remembers Bilal as believing in “Wahhabi ideology” and that “He didn't see himself as being radical: he saw himself as following Islam.” Indeed, according to Shiraz, it was this Wahhabi stand of Islam that got Bilal angry with his housemate who “use to sing and play guitar—a complete no-no for the Wahhabis…so, what does Bilal do?
"Bilal called him a 'waster' and boasted to me that a few days earlier he had brought the guy into his bedroom. He sat him down and told him he needed to pray. He told him: 'If you ever play again I'm going to smash the guitar.' He then put on a video of al-Zarqawi beheading one of the hostages in Iraq. 'If you think I'm messing about, this is what we do. This is what our people do - we slaughter.' Bilal laughed when he recounted the story."

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