"Because the Prophet is the Prophet..."

Another section from a testimony of a former Muslim--this time a woman.

The first time I heard that Muhammed married a nine year old girl when he was an old man, I questioned that, I asked my mom-idol, and she said that the prophet is like no other man and that he could do that because he was different, "special". This was when I was a little girl, my young mind still could not accept it, but because the prophet is the prophet, you just nod your head, since you will get criticized if you question his actions. You are only taught about his kindness to people, in particular women. But when I questioned why we had to be so obedient to men, I would get different answers.

-You only should be obedient when he is asking you for something that God asked you to do. For Example- there's a hadeeth that says if a woman withholds sex from her husband that the angels will curse her until morning. This hadeeth enraged me! I would call my mom and tell her that it is definitely a fake hadeeth because the prophet would never say such a thing. My mom would dismiss my feelings and ask for forgiveness for me, which made me even angrier. I was outright enraged when I went to one of the Friday sermons and heard the imam talk about this sort of non-sense. I called him all sorts of names and my friends said that he was not that bad. What a stupid excuse!

I have posted info about Muhammad and A'iisha, his nine year old bride Here and especially here: Prophet Married Aisha at Age Six Sex at Age Nine

Just don't forget that Muhammad was the ideal man, there is great quote on how Muslims view him Here

Enjoy the reading.


SocietyVs said…
I have read quite a few of these testimonies now - and for me - the surprising difference between my faith and a Muslim one is - I am more than willing to concede women the right to total equality - based on the bible itself (well NT part anyways - namely the gospels). Whereas I think doing this kind of interpertative stuff with the Quran may be impossible...since the Quran cannot be changed.

See the thing is the bible does not to be changed for me to come to this view - it just needs to be respected. Paul mentions stuff in his letters with regards to women - some of it is cultural to region and time - some of it is just the idea of man being a sort of 'protector' in the marriage (not rulership so much). But even then, Paul is writing letters to gentile communities about their best behavior to follow in their respective regions - and he was addressing issues within it - but then it depends how literal someone wants to take Paul's letters as to 'how to govern your life' (advice to be heeded but alos open to interpretation).

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