Angelic visit to a Former Muslim

Please read the whole thing, Mere Christianity was part of his conversion, of all things! Mere Christianity by CS Lewis, the gift that keeps on giving. Here is one particularly wonderful part, after he has left Islam for atheism, and before he has embraced Christianity:

Now I am stuck, talking to my self, I know that there’s a God but why He does not reveal Himself to me, I was talking to God saying that I can not be an atheist I know you are there in Quran you said that you are closer to us than the vain cord but I can not feel your presence.

I remember I was crying and praying for God to straight me up and show me himself, but he was not there to answer.

Again at work I got so angry and just left, it was cold and snowing, 17inches are on the ground already, with very fast wind, I realized that in my anger I left my coat at work, but also I was not to go back and pick it up, my pride wont let me do that, I started to feel the cold I no longer able to feel my toes, my nose running, my eyes tearing and my ears hurt so bad .all of a sudden a black pick up truck stops and a big guy red hair red beard in it and he told me to hop in, and I did.

I do not remember if I fell asleep or not but the guy in the truck tapped my shoulders and told me here’s your apartment, I thanked him and wanted to offer him money for the ride, he refused and told me that it is between him and Jesus, and he told me that Jesus loves you, with a mocking laugh I answered yeah I love him too. Then I remembered that I left my keys in the coat at work and I am quite sure that I have locked the door. The guy in the truck then told me open it do not be afraid, I was disturbed by this word, why would I be afraid? It is my apartment, any way, not wanting to look stupid I wiggled the doorknob, and the door opened. I turned around to thank him again but I could not find the truck, so I looked and noticed that there was no grooves in the snow and no tire prints also I went to the street and there was no cars what so ever and I remembered that I did not hear the sound of the engine, I also remembered that I never told him where I lived! I was freaked out and I got inside the apartment made sure to lock the door behind me, I was so scared, and decided to keep it to my self, I thought that there’s no good in telling any body that I am losing my mind.

It was time for my Tuesday meeting with my Christian friends and they called at work to confirm the time but they told them that I left work and did not come back. They called me at home but I did not answer the phone, they were very worried about me .no body ever cared for me before except my family, they came knocking on my door but I did not open. They forced the door open and I can see on their faces the concerns and the questions.


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