"Muslims Merit Greater Privilege"

Very nice article here by Youssef Ibrahim writing for The New York Sun. Read it here, but here is what I thought was the most insightful section:

Raising the bar further, most Muslim scholarship of today maintains the refrain that Islam is not meant to be another religion, but the most definitive of God's revelations to man. As Muslim children are told daily, the Prophet Muhammad is not only the last of God's prophets, but the most authoritative.

Thus, it follows that Muslims merit greater privilege. A Muslim, for example, may take any number of non-Muslim wives, but the reverse is illegal. Abandoning Islam is punishable by jail or death. No other religion is acceptable.

The next step in such a logical progression is clearly the necessity to force others to submit. Islam has become imbued with a kind of droit du seigneur — the extrajudicial, absolute rights of a lord of the manor — which cannot be argued with.

Saudis, for example — and this includes their most moderate and modernized leaders — feel it is perfectly natural to fund the building of hundreds of mosques in Europe, from London to Cologne, but cannot find a shred of logic in allowing the construction of a single church or Buddhist temple in Saudi Arabia, even though millions of Christian and Asian expatriates work there.


SocietyVs said…
"Thus, it follows that Muslims merit greater privilege"

But isn't the point of the way this religion is playing out (and sometimes religion in general) - they deserve better than next dude since they are God's chosen and He smiles upon them (just doesn't smile on others so much)? Which is an idea in our faith we disagree with (but is sometimes practiced in the same way by some - which is really a shame).

I find it sad that this system is the one they are trying to get to the world - one that would see 'me' as a 'non-Muslim' denegrated because I do ont hold their belief system (which is obviously awkward if it classes people).

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