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From ShawBlog:

Altmuslim is one of the most intriguing web communities/blogs that I know of. Why is it so cool? It presents a community of writing from (mostly western) Muslims who seek to be committed to their faith while embracing the modern world. They are, you could say, “alternative Muslims” - hence the site’s name. The founder of Altmuslim is actually another Austinite who is gaining rapid popularity as a statesmen of a new generation of progressive Muslims in the west not only before Muslims in the West but also before our US government.

I read their articles and, if you have any interest in keeping up with currents within Muslim thought or Muslims in the West, you should too.

As a taste, check out the immensely interesting feature story posted yesterday: “For Muslims, Social Networks Bring New Challenges“. Very simply put, this article acknowledges the incredible ascendancy of online social networking (ever heard of Facebook, Myspace, or Friendster?), and also asks the question, what about Muslim sites for online social networking? There are already some intitiaves in this direction, in fact.

As you read this, you should understanding that you are reading into the future. Muslims love to network, to be social, and to be hip, just like everyone else. What will the future hold, therefore, for Muslim online social networking?

How can online social networking be used for the glory of God in the advancement of His Kingdom?!!


SocietyVs said…
"How can online social networking be used for the glory of God in the advancement of His Kingdom?!!" (AD)

We can meet others and encourage them to a better and more honest life...besides that I am not totally sure - but I am on Facebook and MySpace - there is a lot of Christian things on there (just so you know - like scripture of the day - even a witness for Christ application - etc).

As for the Western Muslims - I appreciate their moving forward in their faith and asking the tough questions - and of they aren't - they need to.
HotConflict said…
It is interesting to see the trends as they form, right in front of us.
I have a blog that covers news, politics, and pop culture.
Social Networking and technology are forming the new changes in human behavior. Chat rooms forums, live talk. I have just started a Live Radio show.
The point being that there are many new, economical ways to communicate on a large scale. Social networks form the core, because traditional word of mouth advertising is still highly effective.

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