Persecution and Perseverance in India

India's Supreme Court heard a case July 19 about whether Dalits may continue to benefit from affirmative action if they convert to Christianity. Currently, only Hindus and converts to Buddhism and Sikhism can benefit. Although a preliminary report for the National Commission for Religious and Linguistic Minorities favored reservation benefits for Dalits regardless of religion, the federal government has done nothing to implement its recommendations. The court, instead of deciding the case, referred the issue to the government, giving it eight weeks to decide whether to implement the report's recommendations.
The Supreme Court's deferral was a disappointment to the Dalit Christian community, said Sam Pal, national secretary for public affairs of the All-India Christian Council. "We have big apprehensions that justice won't be done," he said. "In February, the leader of the National Commission for Scheduled Castes was on record saying that they do not want these benefits to be extended to the Dalit Christians."

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I believe that the future of the faith is largely in the hands of Indian and Chinese Christians. Both countries have very large Muslim populations, btw.


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