Let the Spirit speak to his heart

More from Abd al Haq:

Now, it is also important to understand what my definition of “successful evangelism” is. I certainly do not measure it by whether or not someone falls on their face right in front of me and confesses Jesus as the True Path to God. On the contrary, that is very unlikely to happen in the first encounter! One study of approximately 400 Muslim background followers of Jesus indicated that of those who came to faith by the witness of people not from their own culture, the average number of contacts with The Story prior to making this decision was twenty. Yes, that does say “the average” and yes, the number is “twenty.” I have noticed that of those who have come back with more real questions or requested a Bible, most of them were pretty strong in their statements and opinions the first time around.

I remember very clearly one instance where I sat with a large group (approximately 20) of men in a room and had a strong (mild word) conversation with a few of the folks there while everyone else was listening. I had just met almost all of these guys through a local friend of mine who was not actually present at this discussion. They didn’t give an inch on anything, even when they would concede an obvious truth, they would claim it didn’t apply to the situation at hand! Of course, I attempted to be just as strong in my communication with them (as this is how important discussions take place in this particular culture). It wore me out. I left frustrated and discouraged wondering if anything had clicked with anyone’s heart. I had been invited back for the following day and seriously didn’t want to go back! Later, that night, I called my friend to let him know that I had accidentally taken something home that belonged to someone else. He assured me that I was respected and he didn’t think I was a thief. I responded that I was respected until the conversation. He asked what conversation. I said, “The religious conversation I had with all your friends today!” He responded by telling me that I was crazy because everyone loved it and kept talking about it even after I left – that they were actually impressed. He said that I was definitely respected after that conversation!

The point is that we have to keep in mind what kind of soil we are dealing with. If it is brand new soil, it going to be tough, but still could still end up yielding some fruit. In other words, the guy who is listening (and maybe even offering resistance to The Story) still has to go home and the Spirit is still there to speak to his heart. His heart and mind can not escape from what he has heard and read.


J.A. said…
The Holy Spirit works in the most unexpected ways and in the weirdest situations. When I went to Panama City, Fla., with Campus Crusade, we ministered to the multitude of college students drinking, philandering, and drugging on the beach...and they were surprisingly receptive. In one week, 64 people said that they wanted to put Christ above themselves and live a life for Him.

Hope you feel better soon!
SocietyVs said…
I think I would fit in in this culture - I love strong debate also (me and my bro's do something similar)...and I respect their views even afterwards and find I learn a lot in those convo's. I think this is a great way to do things.

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