Abu of Tbilisi: Martyr, Saint, former Muslim

Low and behold throughout the ages there has been a steady stream of Muslims leaving Islam for Christianity. I have posted some info on recent accounts, but here is an older one (8th C.). In fact even in the days of Muhammad one of his companians left Islam for Christianity.

Hope to keep studying this topic because I think it is important to understand why people leave Islam, especially when they embrace the Cross in its stead, like Abu (my name sake no less):

For three years he openly professes and preaches about Christ in Arabic quarters of Tbilisi and nobody ventured to cause him ills. However, hostility to "apostate" amongst influential muslims relentlessly rose.

In December 785, the saint first was arrested and then thrown in a dungeon. After several days, on solicitation of the ruler Stephen, he was freed. However, the saint was not free for a very long time. His foes inform kadi that Abu was born moslem and later converted in Christianity, so on this base they asked repeatedly for his arrest. Having heard about this delation, some Christians alerted the Abu beforehand, and offered to help him to escape, but the saint peacefully answered to that:

“I am ready for Christ, not only to torments, but also to death."

From OrthodoxWiki


SocietyVs said…
Interesting story - sounds like someone worth reading into.

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