Tidbits: Food Prices, Freedom not Dead Yet

I've said this before, but food prices will just keep going up and up, largely because of a confluence of several factors:

-increasing fuel prices
-poor agricultural use of land
-increasing consumption of meat
-population growth

There are more reasons than that, but those are some of the big ones. As tension continues to rise look for attempts to overthrow local governments. Providing basic, cheap food supplies is really one of the main things governments are expected to do, and not doing it is one of the things that makes the masses of the poor rise up:

Price shock in global food

And here, a Dutch court has refused to ban Fitna: the movie. Freedom is still alive, for now.


Anonymous said…
Food prices are rising because of massive U.S. subsidies for ethanol production--a result of the false global warming hysteria.
Abu Daoud said…
Yes, and also in Europe. But that is only one piece of the pie.
Anonymous said…
So Abu Daoud, are you promoting vegetarianism to combat rising food prices?
Abu Daoud said…
Actually, that is a realistic option. Maybe all Christians could start to abstain from meat on Fridays. It's really not very hard and it brings to mind the fact (every week) that our Lord died on a Friday.

I also think there are a few other things we should do, including opening up more land in Europe and the US to farming.
Odysseus said…
Actually, much as the rise on food prices hurts me (with four kids!), it really is a result of something good: more people in this world are eating well. Millions, maybe billions, of Chinese, Indians, Latin Americans and Africans who were choosing between a handful or rice and starvation twenty years ago, are now living better and have enough money to buy better food for their families. I have seent he same in my Honduran in-laws. From abject poverty ten years ago they now communicate with my wife via instant messenging. Things have really improved in the third world in many ways. The little hurt it does me (in the US) is nothing compared to the great gains others have made.
Odysseus said…
I for one, eat vegetarian much more now.

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