First ever oil paintings found, defaced by Muslims

Interesting stuff here:

Murals found on cave walls in Afghanistan prove that painting with oil had been going on in Asia for centuries before artists used the technique in Europe, scientists said this week.

Until now, art historians believed that oil painting started in Europe in the 15th century.

Just check out this picture from the CNN website.

But guess what? This important work done by Buddhist monks in the 7th C. has been defaced, quite literally. The faces of the people have been destroyed.

Why? Allahu Akbar.

Bamiyan, about 130 kilometers (80 miles) northwest of Kabul, was once a thriving center of commerce and Buddhism. The paintings, scientists say, were probably the work of artists who traveled along the Silk Road, the ancient trade route between China, across Central Asia's desert to the West.

The Taliban used dozens of explosives to demolish the Buddha statues in Bamiyan.

Imagine what Afghanistan could be today if it were not for Islam. Imagine what Afghanistan can be some day by the power of God's grace.

Here is the complete article.


Anonymous said…
discovery on the origin of oil paintitngs, that is very interesting. however, i have a question. near the end of you post, you add "Imagine what Afghanistan could be today if it were not for Islam. " Why is the stature and condition of a country based on a religion. It is acceptabel for a group of people to be blamed for certain acts of violence. However, I find it impropper to accuse a whole race, generation, ethinicity, or religion for an occurance.

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