"Organised crusade...to demonize Islam"

Notice how there is no evidence that Muslims or Islam or the Quran might actually be responsible for the increasingly negative perceptions of Islam in the West. Rather we have an organized crusade! I only wish we had the organizational proqess that Dr. Khan attributes to us. Notice also how we lumps BXVI's baptism of Magdi Cristiano Allam in there as part of a smear campaign against Islam:

Countering Western anti-Islam media spin

Dr Adalat Khan

It is sad to note that now a days in the Western Media Islam bashing has become fashionable and oft and on we see provocative articles, cartoons, videos and other propaganda items against Islam and the Muslims. A latest slur is the fifteen minutes video by the racist anti-immigration right wing Dutch politician Geert Wilders called fitna. This film features violent imagery of terrorist attacks in New York and Madrid set against passages from the Holy Quran that are distorted and taken out of context. Under the guise of freedom of speech irresponsible politicians such as Wilder are stirring hatred against Muslims not only in their own country but throughout the world. Wilder is not alone in this malicious spin, but it would seem that an organized crusade by the vested interests in the West has been unleashed to demonise Islam and Muslims.

It is reported that a theatre in Germany is staging a play based on the infamous book Satanic Verses of Salman Rushdi, while a few weeks ago Pope Benedict was seen baptizing the conversion of a Muslim journalist from Egypt during Easter. It was the same Pope who last year delivered a lecture in which he gave hateful interpretation to the Prophet Muhammad’s mission.

In year 2006, a Danish newspaper published cartoons of Prophet (PBUH) linking him to bombs and terror. [...] It is in fact an organized and systematic Western campaign to malign Islam and impose their hegemony over the Muslim world. [...]


Anonymous said…
Of course ... Islamic culture is never to blame. It's all the West's fault.
Abu Daoud said…

You've figured it out. Islamic culture is never to blame. It's always a secret conspiracy by the unbelievers, Jews, and Crusaders.


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