"The Church of Oprah" or "I liked it better when it was called gnosticism"

For those of you interested in USA pop-culture stuff and the victory of gnosticism (%$# Zwingli):


Don said…
Such a church is pointless, as I pointed out here. In that respect it's no different than the idea of John Shelby Spong and his ilk.
Anonymous said…
Why (%$# Zwingli)?
Abu Daoud said…

Because I think that Zwingli is responsible for much of what is wrong with evangelicalism today.

See, for example, HERE

Zwingli did not understandd that when God made things he made them GOOD. And that thusly matter is, by God's grace in Creation, something that works with his grace in the realm of the spirit.

Thus his absolutely absurd understanding of things like baptism and Communion as deeds that could be considered works of the flesh.
Don said…
Although it's not related to Oprah and her so-called church, Zwingli's idea of the Lord's Supper is certainly part of the problem.

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