MacGyver meets Islamic Terror

I was just impressed by the ingenuity involved here. But first, the plot:

"These men were actively engaged in a deadly plan designed to bring about what would have been, had they been successful, a civilian death toll from an act of terrorism on an almost unprecedented scale.

"If each of these aircraft was successfully blown up the potential for loss of life was indeed considerable.

"And there would be little if any chance of saving any of them from their impending disaster.

"For when the mid-flight explosions began the authorities would be unable to prevent the other flights from meeting a similar fate as they would already be in mid air and carrying their deadly cargo."

And here is the ingenuity:

Ali, 27, married with a young son, also had a pocket notebook in which a "blueprint" for making the bombs and carrying out the plot was written.

Plastic Oasis and Lucozade bottles were to be used by the plotters to make their liquid bombs.

A hypodermic syringe would be inserted into the base to draw out the drink and the bomb mixture would be injected in its place.

A homemade detonator called hexamethylene triperoxide and also known as HMTD would be made from a mixture of household and commercial ingredients and disguised in AA batteries.

Bulbs and wires would connect the bomb mixture with disposable cameras to trigger a charge to set it off.

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Anonymous said…
Just imagine what they could accomplish if they used this ingenuity for good, instead of evil.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Anonymous,

You are quite right. I think we have exported technical knowhow to the world without exporting the undergirding cultural structures that made such technology possible--namely a Jewish protology and a Christian commitment to the idea that God is one of Order and thus his Creation would be expected to reflect the same kind of order.

Neither of those ideas are present in Islam. So we should not be surprised to see technology--applied science--used for evil ends in such cases.

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