Mark Gabriel: Islam, a river of blood

Islam is full of discrimination-against women, against non-Muslims, against Christians and most especially against Jews. Hatred is built into the religion. The history of Islam, which was my special area of study, could only be characterized as a river of blood.

Mark Gabriel, former Muslim, former professor of Islamics at al Azhar University


Jeff said…
How much of that do you experience in day to day interactions with Muslims?

I'm sure you must know Muslims for whom such statements seem completely at odds with the Islam that they were taught and that they try to live...setting aside any discussion of historical Islam.
Abu Daoud said…
Good question Jeff,

One of the main problems is that Muslims and non-Muslims alike simply don't know the history of Islam. For many MBB's it was learning about the history of their religion that made them leave it. The West is going down a dangerous road, emphasizing the violence of Christians (Crusades and so on) while white-washing Islamic history.

So yes, I run into this often. For further insight read my article on Islam, the Pope, and history
Anonymous said…
I read what you had to say about Islam, do you have any context or any revelations, scriptures, or text to back up your statement. any at all? or is this your personal opinion. if so, might i ask why your opinion is so?
Abu Daoud said…
Hi M. Teli: Your question is very general and I'm not sure how to ansswer. In many ways this entire blog is a series of reflections on Islam and many of my sources are referenced throughout, including the Quran and the ahadiith, as well as books on history and politics, and of course personal experience from living among Muslims.
John Stringer said…
The source for this sort of information is not hard to find. Ask the Christians of the Middle East. They have remarkably good memories of the massacres. Muslims have this funny idea that the dhimmis were treated so well. May I remind our Muslims friends of the first 'treaties' of the prophet with the Jews of Khaybar? After being captured, these Jews had to pay 50% of their produce to the Muslims. FIFTY PERCENT of all food in an oasis means certain death.

There was nothing kind or benevolent in how Islam treated its minorities. Another source: The Treaty of Umar. My goodness, to live under such regime means hell.
Anonymous said…
I am sorry your personal experiences and interactions with Muslims was unpleasant; however, knowing much about the religion I would disagree. This certain faith is based on the belief system of Peace.
It is simply stated in the text:
"If anyone harms (others), God will harm him, and if anyone shows hostility to others, God will show hostility to him." Sunan of Abu-Dawood, Hadith 1625.

According to the text quoted above, harming others in definitely discouraged. I am not here to sway your opinions, I am just curious about how different people’s perspective on a topic can be.

Not having enough knowledge on the subject of the Treaty of Umar, I can not say if I agree or disagree with the acts and ideas presented.

Also, the blog poster has stated “Islam is full of discrimination-against women”
With my understandings, I feel Islam has increased the value of women, not degraded them. They dodge the trap of men and are honored. By hiding their figures, they prevent a man’s desire and gain respect for who they are, rather then their appearance. Many people believe the misconception about the stature of women because of what they see, yet when looked into, Muslim women appreciate this great value and feel strong and secure.
Abu Daoud said…
Dear M Teli:

And herein lies the problem: Islamic society allows the voice of the woman who will praise Islam, while disallowing the voice of the one who does not. Moreover, Islam permits and enjoins violence against women who are "suspected of insolence". One can hardly take these testimonies as being sincere.
Anonymous said…
Hello Abu Daoud,
I see your point, yet it makes sense, Obviously those who are in favor of the prospects of the religion will be “honored”. I do not think those who disagree should be “dishonored” or thought of poorly. However, if one acts against the preaching and belief system then they are no longer a part of Islam (unless they repent, of course), for if one is a true Muslim, they belive in their hearts that there are good reasons to everything they are told to obey in the Quran and teaching of the Prophet. Therefore, if one disagrees and voices their opinion it might be considered appalling. Yet these opinion need to be voiced so answers and reasoning are properly explained..
By the way, is that not in every religion. Those who have a higher intellect of their faith seam more “better” than those who pick and choose what to follow from their faith. Those who do not completely abide by certain religious regulations often are considered “dishonorable” as well..

I definitely believe violence is not the answer, however some people continue to find it as a solution. I disagree with this idea, but am unaware if women in particular are plotted against. I highly doubt this is the case, and if certain events are occurring then it must not be just women but men as well. In Islam equality is stressed, therefore a woman who crimes Should be treated the same as a man who crimes.

Sorry my comments are kind of long..
Anonymous said…
I've read Islam and Terrorism, Gabriel's book, and it is one of the worst books I've ever read. No offense, truly, but it is full of factual inaccuracies, gross oversimplications, and it is obviously Arabo-centric in its perspective of Islam.

my 2 cents at least.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…

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