The Dealbreaker List

If you have hung around with 20-something (or 30-something) single American evangelicals, this will be hilarious. If not, then please just ignore this video.


John Stringer said…
Thanks for this insight in your culture, brother... I travel to Dallas next weekend, so I'll enjoy it once again!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for that one. The Wild at Heart reference was AWESOME!!

Peace to you!
Anonymous said…
HAHA... loved the "I Kissed Dating Goodbye" reference. "I punched dating in the mouth" I would not recommend that book. I would recommend even less Boy Meets Girl, his followup book. The most unrealistic nonsense I have ever read.

I heard this stuff ALL THE TIME in the singles group. In fact, one of my friends could write a followup book called... "I met my wife while the guys in the class were seeing how many girls in our biblestudy we could sleep with, and she was next." NOT joking on that either. That is exactly how he met his wife.
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately, pragmatism and pop culture have very outweighed the singles culture and their pursuit for a mate.

"God let him be tall, rich, handsome, and devoted only to me. Oh, and I guess a christian too" is the prayer of today's christian single girl.

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