Pope Paul VI

Since I'll be blogging Evangelii Nuntiandi for a few days here it is good to have some basic info on the person who issued it. From Wikipedia (where else?):

Pope Paul VI was a troubled figure who angered both traditionalists and liberals. Reviled by traditionalists for implementing the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, he was also a lightning rod for liberals for failing to change the Church's teaching on priestly celibacy, birth control, and the ordination of women. His encyclical On Human Life, which reaffirmed the Church's ban on birth control, was met with a storm of indignation, even within his own Church.


Rob said…
It is telling that there is no movement to have Paul VI declared a saint.
Abu Daoud said…
Well, there is a small movement to that extent. He is now technically a 'servant of God' which is the first of the four stages. But overall you are right, there is not much effort at all.
Anonymous said…
Paul VI is an ambivalent figure for many because for all his vigorousness in publishing Evangelii nuntiandi and Humanae vitae, he also caused the stripping of the churches and imposed a new liturgical ordo, which caused a break in liturgical tradition. That's probably why there has been no move to consider him a saint. There's too much mixed opinion.


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