France and Germany moving towards Eurabia

Wow, they are talking about it openly, the formation of a Mediterranean Union. Pretty impressive. Europe hoping to surrender sovereignty to corrupt, inefficient, Muslim nations in North Africa. Oh yeah, and Israel will never get in.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced jointly that they had reached a compromise regarding Sarkozy’s proposed Mediterranean Union. At a press conference held jointly with Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel added that the ensuing outcome should be called the “Mediterranean Union” and that it “should be a project of all 27 (European Union) member countries.” Merkel was referring to her position that any deal to create a union with the Mediterranean states that border the European Union should be negotiated and drafted in conjunction with all EU member states – not just those that border the sea, as Sarkozy had initially proposed. (Der Spiegel)

Read all about it Brussels Journal.


JohnG. said…
Mediterranean Union is not Eurabia. Please Abu, don't bury Europe too quickly : we're still not dead !! And we have a religion that believe in the resurrection of deads, aren't we?
Abu Daoud said…
Hi John,

I try to be hopeful about Europe. I honestly do. Really hard. I would love to post some optimistic stuff about ministry to Muslims there if you have some info.

I also think that Pope Benedict XVI is a great guy, and I think he really gets Islam. So his ministry is something I see positively.

Send me an e-mail if you have some links, or if you blog on it let me know your blog address. winterlightning a+ safe-mail d0t net is my email.
JohnG. said…
Soory Abu, I have none of the things you asked.
It is just that I think things are changing slowly in the catholic parishes. Fifteen or ten years ago, people were asking themselves Questions a bout basics : and they really did bnot know how to answer. Faith was anemic. So I hope it's not two late.

Slighly, little by little, things are improving. And we see the beginning of ministries targeting people in "banlieues" were are the majority of people from muslim countries.

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