Questions from a reader

One reader from Australia asks: "(1) Why is the West not getting it (security forces, government) and (2) What hope is there for the West?!"

My answer:

1) Because we are addicted to petroleum and the truth is not convenient. And because we love the idea of separation of religion and civil authority, so we don't get that this system doesn't work when addressing Islam. Islam is political in its very marrow.

2) Hope for the West? I don't know about Australia, but this question is directly related to questions of immigration, reproduction, and religion. Are people having children? In Europe the answer is no, not even enough to keep a stable population. Are lots of the immigrants Muslims? In Europe the answer is yes: think Turkey, Pakistan, N. Africa. Of the indigenous population are people practicing Christians (of any type at all including Catholic)? In Europe the answer is no. So I think Europe has little hope right now.

The last question is important because Islam is not invincible, Muslims can be evangelized, but only if there is a critical mass of committed people with resources to do the work. The USA (and Canada to a lesser extent) does have people devoted to evangelizing Muslims.

In the US people still have kids, and most of our immigrants are Christians (Mexico) and a good portion of people are still church goers. So the US might be OK. How does Australia answer those questions?


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