The Dutch getting sick of Islam

Look for more of this around Europe:

According to 56 percent of the Dutch, Islam is a threat to the Dutch identity. As well, 57 percent named admitting large groups of immigrants as "the biggest mistake in Dutch history".

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shaw said…
check out the very very nice report from the World Economic Forum Committee on West and Islam Dialogue (C-100) here:

The general website is here:

It gives a good bit of more data on the European "citizenship and integration" issue.
Abu Daoud said…
will do, thanks!
Rob said…
Unfortunately, there may be no way to turn around. I am no expert, but if the 'native' population has reached a certain average age, then they may have no choice but to permit immigrants. Since they didn't bother having children, someone will have to take care of the old people in the next ten, twenty, thirty years. And if only a few of the locals are at child-bearing age, there may be no way to make up the difference (and I suspect there is little will to do so.)

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