Architecture of Dubai

HT to T19 for this. I have not been there yet, but am guessing that I will sooner or later end up visiting this city. Check out all the pictures. Pretty amazing:

Dubai Architecture


canicus said…
Do be careful. Their drug laws are atrocious. If found suspicious (and if the reports I've read truly are reliable; one can never truly know for certain), they may stop you and run you over with a fine toothed comb. If they find so much as a poppy seed or a piece of pot the size of a sugar grain on the bottom of your shoe, then you will spend four years in prison. You don't have to traffic or use drugs to get the kind of traces they search for (money alone will always have it).

Those kinds of laws are insane, and no matter how honest you are, you could go to jail for possession of drugs for simply stepping on something you can't even see. Just visiting (or traveling from) any area in the west is liable to give you that much stuff given how prominent drugs are in any part of the west.
Steve Scott said…
My firm has started some business in the UAE. Very interesting place. I saw some super speedboat racing on TV from there, since such a thing would never fly in the heavily regulated US.

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