Fitna. It's here. (But not anymore.)

Geert Wilders is a politician in the Netherlands and he has recently released his short 15-minute video called Fitna. It is violent and harsh, it is a polemical film and should be taken as such.

See it here if you wish:


UPDATE FROM ABU DAOUD: Well, it was there for a while. It must have just been removed because I just finished watching the whole thing. Found it to be quite good actually. What a sad day this is. I have no doubt that it will somehow or another get out on the internet and I will let you know when it becomes available again. Liveleak says they took down the video because of "very serious threats to their staff." Which in many ways simply confirms what Wilders is proposing: that Islam is a profoundly and irreversibly violent civilization (It's not just a religion, you should know that by now).


E. Twist said…
It's too bad that it has been removed.
shaw said…
I watched it this morning in full....I'm glad that I took notes!

Its unfortunate that it was taken off... I haven't talked to any of my muslim friends about it yet, but I hope to sometime.... I'm really interested in what they think.
Abu Daoud said…
Hi Shaw: yes, it really is a shame it was taken down. Every time something like this happens more and more people just say, "Well, I guess Islam really is intolerant and violent!"

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