Pope to meet Muslim Leaders

Pope to meet Islam[ic] leaders
By Guy Dinmore

Pope Benedict is to hold an unprecedented meeting with Islamic leaders and scholars in Rome in November after an agreement reached yesterday to establish a regular official dialogue between the two religions.

Theological and social issues, as well as terrorism, will be discussed at the Catholic-Muslim conference, which is to be called Love of God, Love of Neighbour.

It will bring together 24 religious leaders and scholars from each side. A second forum is to take place after two years, possibly in the Middle East.

The Catholic-Muslim Forum came out of an initiative launched by prominent Muslims in reaction to the bitter fallout that followed the Pope's 2006 speech in Regensburg, Germany, which offended many Muslims.


HoneyBunny said…
I doubt it. The Bible has the formed design of a counterfeit. The Pope knows it, and is hiding the intelligence of our common ground from you. I doubt he'll be "Pope" that much longer. I am the solution provider for the divine Mother Meera.


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