"Has the Sharia been applied before?"

Great article from a website called light-of-life.com which is a treasure trove of information on Islam. It basically is an entire book written by convert from Islam to Christianity. I highly recommend it. It has been one of my links here for a long time.

This is the beginning of his section on whether or not the shari'a has actually ever been fully implemented throughout the history of Islam:

Islamists have said that the Islamic Sharia is the only rescue operation capable of savhttp://www.blogger.com/img/gl.link.gifing humankind from their confusion, bewilderment, anxiety, turmoil, and evils. They have claimed that it has become an urgent need of humanity, made necessary by the invalidity of the Western and Eastern patterns of government, since these, they say, lack the element of permanence. They have also claimed that, "The Sharia of Islam is the only solution because it is above human inclinations and mortal defect. It is not subject to the criteria of right and wrong, since it is above trial. Above all, it is divine law!["...]

Even if we were to grant, for the moment, the truth of what they say about the Sharia, and that it is in theory capable of resolving the political, economical, and social difficulties of life, we could not for one minute accept that it has been successfully applied at any point in history. If you were to study Egypt's history, for instance, you will find it completely contradictory to the above-mentioned statement. [...]

Read it all HERE.


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