The Hermeneutics Quiz

OK, so I'm a hermeneutics junky. I think it's the main challenge today for evangelical/Protestant Christianity (and I am one of course). So I took this hermeneutics quiz with joy, and discovered that I am...ready?

MODERATE (60 points)

Take it and let me know what you score.


Steve Scott said…
I took it last week and scored 54. I found it too limiting in the choices, and many couldn't even be answered.
Sarah Scott said…
43-- conservative. Interesting little test.
FrGregACCA said…
I'm not sure who developed this little quiz, but a large part of it seems to be about distinguishing between individualist and communitarian hermeneutic approaches. The latter, for whatever reason, is labelled "progressive". I suspect, then, that two different axes are being conflated: "individualist" vs. "communitarian" and "conservative" vs. "progressive".
Abu Daoud said…
I felt the same way, but what did you score?!?
CMinor said…
A progressive 67. I think it's the Catholicism.
FrGregACCA said…
Low "progressive" score, primarily rooted, I think, in embracing a communitarian hermeneutic. (Of course, the "community" in question here is continuous in time, something probably not factored into the paradigm underlying this quiz.)
45- conservative
Internet quizzes are fun!

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